I wish I could find a girl that hasn’t hooked up with someone I know. I could search the most obscure places on the planet and the only girls that I’ll meet that take interest in me have already sucked the dick of someone I went to school with.

oh no a…

Hahaha so a girl is fucking tainted if she’s been with anyone you know? What if the roles were reversed and she was saying that about you?


Ukrainian protester lights cigarette with molotov  

Icelanders are proud of their language and yet also speak English with disarming style, choosing words carefully—for example, a photographer tells me that he prefers 35mm film cameras over digital because “film has more charisma.” Or, a woman says to me of her life, she is “always busy with the moment”—not busy because of her job and kids and spin class but “with the moment,” as if each moment is her partner.
Sleeping on the left for the first time in 12 years

So fkn high from this vape glad it’s numbing the pain from tonsillitis and my breakup